Photo Gallery


     Please enjoy these photos of the 2019 ball "Pearls, Ivy & Lace... A Vintage Affair, the 2017 ball, "The Majesty of Morroco" ,  the 2015 ball "Once Upon a Time... The tale of the Enchanted Ivy"  and the 2014 ball, "When Harlem Was Vogue"


  • The_court_updated.png Uplights_Next_to_debutante_Entry.jpg Ladies_in_waiting.png escort_with_president.png Peyton_s_Brag_Table.jpg Napkin_Fold.jpg grand_bow.png
  • The_court.jpg The_debs.jpg The_ladies_in_waiting.jpg Basileus.jpg brag_table.jpg the_drapes.jpg father_and_daughter.jpg
  • The_Court.jpg 13_Debs.jpg The_ladies_in_waiting.jpg The_basileus.jpg Dessert_Table.jpg Desert_cake.jpg debutante_and_father_coming_down_stairs.jpg
  • winners.jpg All_of_the_Debs.jpg Ladies_in_waiting.jpg Escort_award.jpg brag_table.jpg talble_decoration.jpg debutante_on_stage_doing_bow.jpg